Create a Custom AI Chatbot For Your Website in Minutes

Create a Custom AI Chatbot for
Your Website in Minutes

Botsonic scans your website, files and help center to automatically handle 70% of customer queries, and automate customer engagement, support, sales, and more.
Leverage your data to instantly resolve 70% of user inquiries with precise, verifiable responses, and deliver authentic customer experience in over 50 languages across various channels.

Transform your business with
AI-powered automation

AI Copilots trained on your Data
How various industries
are already using Botsonic
How various industries
are already using Botsonic
24x7 Customer Support
Resolve 70% of customer questions.
Write Factually Accurate
Articles with Real-Time Data That Drive Traffic
Train instantly on your support content
Serve global customers in 50+ languages
Integrate on the web, WhatsApp, SMS, and other channels
Automatically measure resolutions
Seamless live agent handoff for complex queries
Understand the impact on key metrics like CSAT
Automated Employee Support
Enhance Workplace Efficiency
and Morale. Effortlessly.
Empower your workforce by enabling instant access to information
Easy access to HR and company resources via any device
Accelerate onboarding with personalized learning paths
Automate workflows acrossyour business systems
Navigate time-off, benefits, and payroll effortlessly
Support employees in their native language
Revolutionize Customer Engagement
and Drive Sales
Revolutionize Customer Engagement and Drive Sales
Engage customers with personalized recommendations
Provide support and upsell services across web, mobile, and social media
Expand your market reach with multilingual sales support
Reduce operational costs by up to 60%
Automate and streamline the shopping experience on any platform
Generate high-quality leads through intelligent interaction

How it works

Upload your data, train your AI agent, customize its style to match your brand, and add it to your website in under five minutes.

Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

Connect Botsonic to Your Favorite Tools on Both Ends, Facilitating a Flow of
Information That Enhances Customer Experience.
Build Your AI Agent for free

Security First, No Training on Your Data

Security is at the core of Botsonic. Our platform uses robust safeguards to protect your data and preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your workspace.
Visit our trust center
Data encryption
Data & chats at rest is encrypted with AES-256. Data in transit is encrypted with TLS 1.3 using AES-256.
Data segregation
Data is separated by workspace and organisation using row-level access mechanisms.
Audit logs
All operations are monitored, recorded and can be analysed in great detail at any time.
Redaction of sensitive
Data & chats at rest is encrypted with AES-256. Data in transit is encrypted with TLS 1.3 using AES-256.
Custom data retention
Decide yourself how long we should retain your chat and company data.
Data Policy for LLMs
Botsonic only uses models where the input data is not used for re-training of the models.

Audits & Certificates

SOC 2 Type II
Botsonic is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, demonstrating our commitment to secure data management and adherence to rigorous, verified security protocols.
GDPR Compliant
Botsonic protects your data with secure processing practices and offers tools to exercise your GDPR rights effectively.
Botsonic aligns with HIPAA requirements, ensuring the protection of health information through stringent security measures and compliance practices.

We are Model Agnostic

Botsonic is model-agnostic, i.e., we are not dependent on one LLM provider. Our proprietary AI Model Gateway, called GPT Router dynamically routes between multiple AI models, thus speeding up responses and ensuring the best quality output as well as non-stop reliability.

Customers Love Us

Move beyond rule-based chatbots.
Adopt self-guided, self-learning AI agents
for automated customer experiences.
Adopt self-guided,
self-learning AI agents for automated customer experiences.